May 2012

Kurt Weill Show

Jude will be co-fronting SONG OF MIRIAM: REFLECTIONS ON THE MUSIC OF KURT WEILL next month alongside the legendary Lene Lovich. The UK tour was the brainchild of experimental jazz bassist Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, and takes in Bristol (18 June), London (19) and Brighton (20). The show will feature Jude and Lene duetting and soloing on some of Weill's best-loved songs. The mythical MC5 manager, White Panther founder and Trans-Love Energies doyen John Sinclair will be taking on spoken word duties. See the concert page for tickets.

February 2012

20th Anniversary, Compilation Album & Live Show

Subterraneans are set to release a compilation of all ten of their singles in April. It was felt that this was the "tidiest, most efficient and least precious" way to mark their 20th anniversary. The band have also announced a one-off gig in London on Easter Sunday, 8th April. The album, titled UNDERGROUND: THE SINGLES 1992-2011, will be Subterraneans' tenth album, and is set for worldwide release on Monday 9th April, Jude's 40th birthday.

Ever After

As promised, Jude's album of acoustic recordings of both Subterraneans and Angelhead songs, Ever After, was released on CD and download on 14th February. The download is available from all good virtual record shops, whilst the CD is available exclusively from Amazon. The breathtaking cover shot was taken by Jude during a flight from Dallas to Des Moines, Iowa, in November last year. He also shot some footage, which you can find on the YouTube channel cut to the bands version of Nico's "Frozen Warnings".

Electronic Album

Fans will finally have the chance to hear at least some of the aborted ELECTRA project that Jude worked on in the late 90s with the composer Lionel Bart. Three of the tracks originally recorded for the project, which was shelved following Lionel's death in 1999, have surfaced on a new album called ARIEL by an outfit called Echosystem. In fact, Echosystem is our own Jude Rawlins, and Ariel is a collection of Trance-inspired instrumental tracks that he has been working on sporadically for the last few months, augmented by a few Electra outtakes. He has this to say about the project: "I became interested in Trance when a friend took me to a few clubs and I realised these guys were basically doing what I most love to do, which is sculpt with sound. A Subterraneans album is such a difficult thing, both logistically and emotionally, with the sheer amount of work I have to put in, that the idea of creating something quickly from a few samples and loops was pretty gratifying. But I don't like to be tied into genres, so when I decided to release them I knew I'd have to throw in something that wasn't Trance, in order to satisfy myself artistically at least. Then I remembered the old Electra tracks, and when I listened back to them, probably for the first time in about eleven years, I was amazed at how well they worked sonically with the Trance stuff. So it was amazingly quick, it took an afternoon to select and master the whole album!"

ARIEL is released on Strangelove Records and is available on both CD and download from


December 2011


Subterraneans: Play Out

Thanks to everyone we met on our travels this year. For anyone who missed out, or indeed anyone who made it but wants to hear it again, here's a freebie - an MP3 of the highlights of the final show of 2011, recorded live in London on 10th December.

Special thanks to our fantastic support acts Kirsten Morrison, Blindness, and Emily and the Faves... It was an honour and a privilege to share a bill with all of you!

Aside from a special appearance at Tim Britton's annual MacMillan charity event at the 12 Bar on 18th January, there are currently no plans to play live in 2012. That said, as it is our 20th anniversary year, there will certainly be Subterranean activities, including a compilation album, and possibly more shows in Germany and the US if we can make it happen.

Jude has a new solo album out on 14th February. Titled EVER AFTER, the album consists of acoustic renditions of many a Subterraneans fave, plus a couple of old Angelhead songs not performed since 1991. And its quite good, too. He'll also be pressing ahead with plans to direct his second feature film, which he is currently writing with Laura Deeley.

There was talk of Subterraneans going back into the studio in 2012 to see what happens. Carl is instigating some sessions at his place in Cambridge early in the new year, so we'll report back on that. No promises though.

Finally, huge congrats to Robin and his wife Fi, who celebrated the arrival of baby Ben on 3rd December...

August 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Oh the irony. Prompted into action by a record company ultimatum, the decision has been made to bypass said industry by giving the album away. There are a number of reasons for this, first among them that people are jumping through hoops to proclaim the album a masterpiece, which would be nothing more than bluster unless the entire world actually hears it. So we're giving them the chance to do jus that.. Download the album for free, tell your friends, tell everyone. And if you feel so inclined, you can still buy it, or come and make a donation via Paypal, or buy one of the other albums, or a concert ticket, tee shirt, etc. There are many ways to show your love. But do give the album a spin, we only done it for you after all.


Thanks to everyone who came to Jude and Kami's first joint gig last month. A truly memorable night, with some fantastic guest artists, including a stunning comeback by Holly Lerski. Kami's assertion that she and Jude are to form a new band called 'Roadgay' maybe slightly impromptu, but such was the fun had that more shows are more a matter of when than if...

June 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Work on the long-awaited new album was completed in Berlin last month. A release date of 22nd August has been confirmed. The album, which is 69 minutes long, will be released on CD and download on The Electric Label/Cadiz Music, and distributed worldwide by Universal. There will be  "Mini Vinyl" version of the CD available exclusively from The Electric Label Paypal store, as well as a standard CD available online from Amazon.

London Show
Jude will be performing an exclusive acoustic show with Kami Thompson at the 12 Bar Club on Tuesday 26th July. Kami, the daughter of folk legends Richard and Linda Thompson, and Jude are planning to weave their sets together into a unique musical happening, so don't miss out!

February 2011

Ernesto De Pascale RIP

Ernesto De Pascale and Lenny Kaye in 1979

Ernesto De Pascale - Il Popo del Blues himself - a great friend and supporter of Subterraneans in his native Italy, passed away last night. Today would have been his 53rd birthday. We shall miss him, and the Italian music scene, especially that of Florence, will be much the poorer for his passing. Ciao brother!


January 2011

Trish Keenan RIP

We were devastated by the death of our Brummie contemporary and radiophonic angel Trish Keenan. Our deepest heartfelt condolences to James, her family and friends, and to Pikey and the extended Broadcast family. The loss of such a unique, extraordinary and adorable human being cannot be expressed in words, only sounds, preferably analogue in origin. We are sure that anyone who ever met Trish, however briefly, will know what an amazing presence she was. We will never forget her and we won't let her be forgotten. We love you Trish xx

This Too Shall Pass
After some painful hold-ups, the like of which we have never known and will never tolerate again, THIS TOO SHALL PASS is finally on schedule to be released this year. If you pre-ordered the album but have since died, moved house or changed your email address, please drop us a line at Subterraneans HQ via the Contact page and make sure we have your up to date contact info.

Leicester Show
Jude will be performing solo/acoustic alongside friends Viv Albertine and Kevin Hewick at the Leicester Musician on Sunday 3rd April.

We will no longer be updating the Myspace page, as the owners of Myspace have gone out of their way to make it completely shit and unusable. As you can see, we've relaunched the website, so this is now the primary source of info for the band and related activities.